Gaylords Wanted In Indiana

Gaylord Boxes Wanted

- apx. 44x44x42
- 4 and 5 ply
- Full flap or short flap w/slip sheets or mixed loads
- 1+ loads needed per month (apx. 500+ mth.)

Are you selling gaylord boxes? Please reach out to us if you have gaylord boxes to sell in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky. We need large quantities of recycled gaylord boxes. We buy full semi loads of apx. 15,000 Lbs per load on a 53’ trailer.  We can help you recycle all the gaylord boxes you can provide. In addition, if you need gaylord boxes, you came to the right place. We have shipments waiting to roll to your location. We buy and sell throughout the United States and beyond so we have gaylord boxes available very close to you. To get started, it is best to Use Product Information Form. That will get us all the information that we need in order to provide an accurate quote on providing your next shipments of recycled gaylord boxes.

Buying Gaylord Boxes in IN, MI, OH, IL, KY

Location needed: - Needed in South Bend, IN. 46628

- Will consider picking up from IN, MI, IL, OH, and KY.

- Pick up Price point - Terms - $6.00 to $7.00
- Can pay up to apx. $1,000 in freight
- Net 7 to 10 days
- Post Industrial or Post Consumer  - Can use either
- Tell percentages of products by type, name, if mixed
- Needed asap
- Need the boxes to be reasonably clean (shaken and patted out)
- Cannot take boxes that have had powder of any type in them
- Only small tears/rips acceptable. No holes or cut outs
- Flaps must be intact not ripped off
- Need apx 44x44x42 - Sizes can vary apx 4”
- Only accepting 4 and 5 ply boxes
- Moisture content - Boxes must be dry
- Need the Gaylords stacked on a pallet and double banded.
- We prefer 25 boxes on the bottom pallet banded and 20 to 23 banded with no pallet and just sat on top of the bottom stack of 25.
- We will consider other stacking methods, the above is just our preference.

Alternate Source Recycling (Agent)
Office: 107 W. Monroe St. unit B.
South Bend, In. 46601
Phn: cl: 574-952-2991
Contact: Todd Hess
“If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask”

- Photos - Please provide Photos showing the box sitting on a pallet open and ready to use, of the outside, inside, and of the box thickness
- Client also needs 50 Heavy duty plastic pallets with a 1” lip.
- Example would be the 48x45 Structural Foam pallets with a buckle on them.
- We don’t need the buckle but can take them with the buckle. We would just cut the buckle and strap off to meet our own needs

buy sell GAYLORDS
buy sell GAYLORDS

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