HDPE Frac Melt Flake or Regrind

Pickup Address

– Anywhere in the USA

Nearest Rail/Port

– Southeastern KS
– Two rail hubs near clients location

Data Sheets/Information

– Please provide us with a data sheet if you have one
– Frac melt. (under 1)


– 3 to 7 loads per week needed

Post Industrial or Post Consumer Material?

– Either will work

What is the original part, Current form?

– Bottles
– Flake or Regrind
– Will consider other

FOB Price Point / Terms

– Apx. $0.40 per lb
– Freight negotiable pending distance.
– Will make payment net 15 or less.

Bale/Box Weights

– Box weight 1,200 Lbs.

Load Weights

– 40,000 Lbs. per load

Percentages of Products by type

– Prefer 97% +


– Prefer none, but…
– Can take up to 2 to 3% PP, paper, labels,
– Will consider other

Moisture and Storage

– Prefer Dry
– Prefer Inside

Packaging and Shipping

– Can accept material in Gaylord Boxes on Pallets, in
Super Sacks, or from a Rail car.

Load Readiness Status

Can start taking in loads now
– Will build up to 7+ loads per week.

Other Product Info

Please provide us with photos
– Please send sample

Other Products Wanted:

– Buying Bottle, Frac, HMW. (Will consider other similar materials)
– Can use apx. 1 load of HMW from Drum or IBC tote per week/2 weeks.
– Would like to try a sample load of TPO Regrind from Bumpers to consider for ongoing use.
– Buyer also runs a separate program that uses PP GF up to 50%GF. Please let us know if you have any available.

Notes: Our Client is an established company making large extrusion molded parts utilizing recycled, Frac melt, HDPE flake or regrind.

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