Materials Wanted

HD, PP, PS, Nylon, LDPE, TPO, PET and PVC in any form.
– Other plastic types are BOPP, EPS Block, other Engineered grades, Super
Sacks for pellets, PET Skeletons, Non-Woven PP, and many other types and
– Gaylord Boxes and Super sacks for use. Wooden Pallets, Plastic
Pallets, Totes and Collapsible containers for Re-use, Repair, or Regrind.
– 2-7’s. The higher the percentage of # 2’s the better the price.
– Cured and Uncured Rubber. EPDM, Natural, NBR, SBR, and
Butyl Tubes. We will consider Automotive stripping and other forms of
Rubber also.

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