HMW Drums – IBC Totes Wanted

Products Wanted: HMW Drums or IBC Tote – Regrind or Bales
– Will consider any pick-up location
– We have on going needs in multiple locations.
India Buyer and multiple buyers throughout the states,
Canada, Mexico, Peru, England, and others.

– We will need Data Sheets if available.
– Info: Izod, Melt flow, Grade, Tensile, etc. ?

– Bale weights / Box weights.
– Load weights for 40 HC / 53’ Trailer ?

40,000 lbs loads preferred

– Please quote us your FOB or FAS price.
– Terms vary

– Post Industrial or Post Consumer ? –
– What is the original part ?
– Current form ? Parts, Regrind, Repro, Purge, Rolls, etc.

– What type of contaminants are in the
Material if any ?

– Stored Inside / Outside ? –
– How is the product packed and shipped.
Gaylord Boxes, Supersacks, Bald, on
Pallets ?

– When will the load be ready for pick up ? –
– Need Photos within the last 30 days.
– We will also need samples to be sent.

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