HMW Drums – IBC Totes Wanted

Products Wanted: HMW Drums or IBC Tote – Regrind or Bales
– Will consider any pick-up location
– We have on going needs in multiple locations.
India Buyer and multiple buyers throughout the states,
Canada, Mexico, Peru, England, and others.

– We will need Data Sheets if available.
– Info: Izod, Melt flow, Grade, Tensile, etc. ?

– Bale weights / Box weights.
– Load weights for 40 HC / 53’ Trailer ?

40,000 lbs loads preferred

– Please quote us your FOB or FAS price.
– Terms vary

– Post Industrial or Post Consumer ? –
– What is the original part ?
– Current form ? Parts, Regrind, Repro, Purge, Rolls, etc.

– What type of contaminants are in the
Material if any ?

– Stored Inside / Outside ? –
– How is the product packed and shipped.
Gaylord Boxes, Supersacks, Bald, on
Pallets ?

– When will the load be ready for pick up ? –
– Need Photos within the last 30 days.
– We will also need samples to be sent.


  1. Mike Vilensis
    April 6, 2020

     My name is Mike Vilensis with the M V.Ind. and i am sending this email to your business in regards to the purchase of ( IBC / TOTES ) with the details below:

    Capacity 330 gal.
    Width 40″
    Depth  48″
    Height  53″
    Thickness  1/16″
    Number of Top Openings 1
    Fill Opening Diameter  6″
    Coupling Size 2
    Material High
    Density Polyethylene
    Color White
    Number of Entry Points for
    Forklifts 4

    I would like you to email me back with the price and I will get you the quantity needed.

    Thank you

    June 19, 2020

    IBC tote regrind available

  3. Radiant Overseas Inc
    November 18, 2020

    We are looking post industrial HDPE regrind from Drum, IBC Tote, HDPE Pipes on bulk 40′ HC continer on regular bases. Can you please contact us.


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