PET Sheets-Skeletons Wanted

PET Sheets/Skeletons needed in Gardena, CA. 90248.

– Nearest Rail/Port?


– We will need Data Sheets if available
– Info: (Izod, Melt flow, Grade, Tensile, etc.)

Clarity: needs D (no haziness)
IV needs to be 7 (strength)
High melt needed

– Bale weights / Box weights
– Load weights for 40 HC and/or 53’ Trailer

The heavier the better

– Volume/Frequency (How Much How

Purchasing ongoing. ½ million lbs mthly needed

– FOB pick up Price Point?
– Terms?

– Delivered price is $0.13 lb
– Negotiable
– Post Industrial or Post Consumer?  Industrial
– What is the original part?
– Current form?(Parts, Regrind, Repro, Purge, Rolls, etc.)

Bales, Rolls, Sheet, cut offs wanted
– What is material commonly used for?  Thermoforming, Berry packaging
– What type of contaminants are in the

Please explain if any.
– Stored Inside / Outside? Need material dry.
– How is the product packed and shipped? Let us know.


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