PP and HDPE Regrind Wanted

Pickup Address

Nearest Rail/Port

– Chicago, IL. USA
– Toronto, Ontario Canada

Data Sheets/Information


– Need a Truckload

Post Industrial or Post Consumer Material?

What is the original part, Current form?

Product Data PDF File

FOB Price Point / Terms

Other Product Info

Materials Wanted

– Material #1

PP Regrind/ Mixed color to go black / white or natural
Prefer Unfilled regrind
No Glass Filler (Fiberglass)
Talc fill accepted depending on percent
Melt flow : Fractional melt to 1000 meltĀ  ( Prefer 10 melt
to 50 melts anywhere in that range. Homopolymer
Copolymer Izod 2 to 10

– Material #2
HDPE Regrind
Bottle grade 0.35 Melt 0.954 Density
Crate grade 8 melt 0.954 Density
Injection Grade 20 melt 0.954
Mixed color/ full consistent truck loads

Bale/Box Weights

Load Weights

Percentages of Products by type


Moisture and Storage

Packaging and Shipping

Load Readiness Status

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