Scrap LD or LLDPE film


ASR is helping to create a large international program including the United States, Latin America, and many other Countries.

We look forward to working with you.


Todd Hess and team.

Product(s) Wanted:

– Scrap LD or LLDPE film (Grades A and B)

– (Clear or Colored (separated))

– (Buying Bales, Rolls, Densified Blocks)

– (Will consider C)

– (Will consider Wal-mart Film)

– (Will consider with up to 2% Nylon barrier)(no other barriers)

– (Will consider Trim)

– (Will consider purge)

– Pick up address:

– Nearest Rail/Port:

– Will pick up from your doc, from anywhere in North,

Central, and South America.

– Will consider from anywhere in the world.

Will consider any Rail, any Port.

Technical Data info:

Melt Flow, IZOD, Density, Tensile, etc

– Please provide Data sheet or data information if


– Bale weights / Box weights

– Load weights for 40 HC and/or 53’ Trailer

– 42,000+ Lbs. (19,000+ Kilos)

– 36,000+ Lbs. (16,400+ Kilos)

– Volume/Frequency (How Much How


– 1,500,000+

– Monthly

– FOB pick up Price point – $0.17 +/- $0.02 for grade A 98/2 (up to 2%paper/color)

– Based on current market pricing, total volume, quality,

Post Industrial or Consumer, Paper content, Color

content, LD / LLD / or mixed, Location, pick up

distance to rail/port, etc.

– Terms – Buyer(s) prefer to pay you direct.

– Buyers will provide you (seller) with their Licensing and/or

Credentials upon request.

– Buyer(s) prefer to pay at loading after receipt of Photos, BOL,

Confirmed weights, receipt of Final Invoice from you (seller).

– Will consider pre-pay. (We must be allowed to Inspect material prior

to prepayment.)

– Inspection of 1st load is required prior to or at pick up.

– Post Industrial or Post Consumer  – We will purchase either.


  1. At this time we are also helping one of our clients to sell 250,000+ lbs. of colored Repro pellets from LD/LLDPE. 100% clean pure. From Post Industrial film. Let us know if your interested.
  2. ASR is not buying this material for it’s own uses. We are acting buyers for the Film and Bag industry.


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