Are you selling an abundance of plastic material? You can reach out to us when you have plastic on hand and need a buyer. We have customers in need of large quantities of recycled plastics. We are looking for all types of plastic material. Single loads, multiple trailer loads, recurring loads? We can help recycle all the plastic you can provide.


If you need plastic material, you came to the right place. We have truckloads of recycled plastics available. We buy and sell throughout the United States and the world so we have plastics available very close to you.


ASR buys sells and recycles all types of plastics throughout the USA and the world. Some of which are HDPE, PP, LDPE, HMW, PET, MRP/MRF, ABS, PC, Nylon, TPO, TPE, and many other types of plastic. Not all plastics are listed so call us for more information.


To get started, it is best to Use Our Product Information Form. That will get us all the information that we need in order to provide an accurate quote on providing OR selling your next shipments of recycled plastics.


Recycled plastic can come in many different forms. Be sure to mention the type you have or the type you need when filling out our product information form.

  • Plastic Pallets, Totes
  • Pipes
  • Buckets
  • Cups
  • Bottles
  • Dunnage Trays
  • Film
  • Obsolete Parts
  • Purges
  • Nylon - 66, 6, 6/12, 11, Bags.
  • Glass, Unfilled, Mineral Filled, Regrind, Parts and Virgin Resin.
  • PC - Parts, Sheets, Plex, Virgin Resin, Lucite, Regrind, Scrap, Bottles.
  • ABS - Parts, Virgin Resin, Sheets, Regrind, any form or color.
  • PC/ABS - Parts, Virgin Resin, Regrind, any form or color.
  • E-Plastic Scrap - Baled, Whole or Disassembled E-Scrap (Boards, Towers, Cell Phones, Other)
  • PVC - Parts, Window Regrind, Pipes, any form or color.
  • LLDPE and LDPE - Stretch Wrap, Obsolete Rolls, Baled, clear and printed.
  • And many other shapes, sizes and forms.
buy sell plastic materials
buy sell plastic materials
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