Black Plastic Pallets 44×38



– Product(s) Available



44×38 inch Black Plastic Pallets
– Location of material:



– Nearest Rail/Port:


– ASR Warehouse

  3113 South Gertrude Street

  South Bend, IN 46614

– Chicago


– Weight  


-Approx 18 lbs. per pallet



– Volume/Frequency (How Much How



-4 loads available now

-Approx. 1 per month ongoing

-600 pallets

– Pick up Price point







– Good to go, no breaks, no holes, $10 each

   -approx. 3 loads available.

– Small breaks, small holes, still very usable, $6 each.     

  -1 load available

  -600 pallets per load


-Terms Negotiable, prefer at pickup to net 7


– Post Industrial or Post Consumer  -Post Consumer one time factory use
– Percentages of products by type, name, if


-All pallets come sorted.



– What type of contaminants are in the


-Pallets stored outside otherwise clean
– How is the product packed and shipped  -In stacks of 18-20 high per your preference

-We can band stacks if needed, cost is $5 per stack


– When will the load(s) be ready for pick


-Ready Now for pickup
– Photos attached -Attached
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