Butyl-EPDM-NBR-NR-NR Cleaner-SBR-Adhesive Rubber


Post Industrial or Post Consumer Material?


What is the original part, Current form?

No master batch, Diverse sheets for further processing; adhesive rubber is used to produce diverse types of adhesive ware. Current form – Scrap.

Load Weights

Can fit 40,000+ lbs in a 40 HQ of the adhesive rubber, the other types not always so.

Percentages of Products by type

Rubber adhesive is always loaded separately in one container. Ratio of the other rubber un-vulcanised (un-cured) varies.


Not known, some contain Sulphur.

Moisture and Storage

In a warehouse, which is dark but not air-conditioned in any way. Un-cured rubber contains no water and is stored indoor. Adhesive rubber is stored outside in closed barrels as seen on photos. If any water inside, then it only caused by condensation effect.

Packaging and Shipping

Un-cured rubber not exactly in Gaylord boxes but usually in plastic cardboard on pallets as seen on the photos. Adhesive rubber in metal and paper barrels on pallets.


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