Clear Acrylic Parts

– Product(s) Available


– Clear Acrylic Parts


– Location of material:

– Nearest Rail/Port:

– South Bend, IN.

– Chicago, IL.

Technical Data info:

Melt Flow, IZOD, Density, Tensile, etc.

– Unavailable


– Bale weights / Box weights / Load Weights


-400+lbs per box, 40 boxes total


– Volume/Frequency (How Much How Often) – One time
– Pick up Price point


– $0.15 per lb


– Post Industrial or Post Consumer  – Post Industrial
– Original part(s)  

– Current form (Parts, Regrind, Repro, Purge, Rolls, etc.)


– 2-inch square


– What type of contaminants are in the


– Part is clear other than a single-color spot. see in photos  
– Stored Inside / Outside  

– stored inside


– How is the product packed and shipped  

-Parts are approximately 20+lbs inside of LDPE bag, all bags stored in gaylord box on pallet.


– When will the load(s) be ready for pick up/Delivery – Ready now
– Photos

– Samples

– Available

– Can be sent

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