HDPE Regrind from Pipe


Data Sheets/Information

– Type: PE100
– See Data Sheet in images


– Supplier has 5 to 6 loads of pipe at 40,000 Lbs. sitting on their lot, ready for them to grind.

What is the original part, Current form?

– From whole pipe
– Whole pipe but supplier will Regrind before selling/sending to you.

Bale/Box Weights

– We have asked the supplier for Box weights

Load Weights

– 40,000+ Lbs. on a 40 HC / 53’ Trailer

Percentages of Products by type

– Material is 100% HDPE


– Possible Naturals (May have an amount of debris unknown to ASR.)
– (We can see stains, possible naturals in the photos on the pipe.)
– We have asked the supplier if there are any known contaminants.

Moisture and Storage

– Dry
– Material has been stored outside. But will be stored inside after grind.

Packaging and Shipping

– In Plastic gaylord liners, inside of a Gaylord Box, on pallets.

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