HMW Regrind from 50 Gallon Drums

Pickup Address

– Houston, TX

Nearest Rail/Port

– Houston Ramp, TX. / Port is in Los Angeles, CA

Data Sheets/Information

– Not Available


– 2 to 4 loads available monthly

Post Industrial or Post Consumer Material?

– Post Consumer

What is the original part, Current form?

– 50 gal Drums
– Regrind

Product Data PDF File

FOB Price Point / Terms

– $0.35/lb picked up from Houston Rail/Ramp
– 50% deposit required by supplier. Remainder upon pick up with Docs, Photos, and official weights (scale tickets).

Bale/Box Weights

Load Weights

– 40,000+ Lbs. on a 40 HC / 53’ Trailer

Percentages of Products by type

– 100 % HMW regrind
– No lids, rubber, metal, paper, etc.


– Material is not washed but most if not almost all
contaminants come off during grinding process.
– Previous contents were food grades including vinegar,
fruits, etc.
– Material comes from 3 different feed stocks to one
grinding facility. Some material may have a slight vinegar
or other natural odors, but nothing toxic.

Moisture and Storage

– Dry
– Stored Inside.

Packaging and Shipping

– In gaylord boxes on pallets.

Load Readiness Status

Loads ready now.

Other Product Info

Sample load available

Job Due By

– 06/13/2022

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