LDPE Black Repro Pellets

Product Type

– LDPE Black Repro Pallets

Pickup Address

– N Barberton, OH. 44203

Nearest Rail/Port

– New York, NY

Data Sheets/Information

– Density: .92 + .02 gms/cm
– Melt index: 1.00-3.00 gms/10 minutes
For others, please see attached data flow information


– 1-2 Loads per month.

Post Industrial or Post Consumer Material?

– From Post Industrial/Post Consumer LDPE

What is the original part, Current form?

– LDPE Films

Product Data PDF File

COA LDPE Pellets

FOB Price Point / Terms
– $0.50 per pound.
– To be paid at or prior to pickup

Bale/Box Weights

– Approx. 1,000 pounds per gaylord.

Load Weights

– 40,000-45,000 lbs

Percentages of Products by type

– Pellets have color additive so will have
some black concentrate.


– None

Moisture and Storage

– Moisture content – 0.2% maximum
– Stored inside

Packaging and Shipping

– Gaylords with plastic liner

Load Readiness Status

– Ready Now

Other Product Info

– Samples Available

Job Due By

– 11/23/2022

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