Nylon 6 Monomer Post-consumer Fish Nets


Pickup Port

Port: Karachi, Pakistan

Data Sheets/Information



1 load + a month; up to 40 tons monthly.

Post Industrial or Post Consumer Material?

Post Consumer

Material Uses

Fishing Nets

Price Point

$0.42 lb FOB / 50% upfront – 50% upon Scale

tickets, Photos, BOL, Invoice.


Percentages of Products by type

See photos for Color % average (White/Natural to Green)


“These nets are hand clean / sorted so there are
very little chances of foreign material to get in.”
-No Smells remaining.

Moisture and Storage

These are monofilament fishnets so there’s no moisture
before and after it’s baled.

Packaging and Shipping


Load Readiness Status

Seller is confirming next pick up availability.


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