PET Clam Shells

– Product(s) Available:                                          -PET Clam Shells

– Location of material:                                          – Nova Scotia

– Nearest Rail/Port:                                               – Halifax

– Bale weights / Box weights / Load Weights                                                                            &                                                            – 34,000 net Lbs. on a 40HQ – Load weights for 40 HC and/or 53’ Trailer

– Volume/Frequency/How Often:                – 2 to 3 loads per week/ ongoing                                                          – Possibly more available after a trial period.
– Pick up Price point:                 – $0.07

-Terms:                         – Upon pick up with Scale tickets, Photos, Packing list


– Post Industrial or Post Consumer                – Pre-consumer

– Percentages of products by type, name, if mixed:  – 85 to 90% PET
– 10% to 15% PS and/or PP

– What type of contaminants are in the material:       – Material seems to be reasonably clean and is reasonably free of barriers /or juice but can expect that there will be some.
– As shown in the photos, the individual clam shells have a
label on them.
– Best suited for a wash line but may consider, shredding,
blowing the paper and any small contaminants left
off/out, and pelletizing.

– Moisture content:         – Stored Inside / Outside – May contain a small amount of residual moisture.

– How is the product packed and shipped:       – Baled

– When will the load(s) be ready for pick up/Delivery       – Loads ready now

– Can inspect loads if needed.

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