PET Green Banding loose (Baled or Grinded)

– Product(s) Available


– PET Green Banding loose

-2 shades available, light/dark green

– Location of material:

– Nearest Rail/Port:

– South Bend, IN.

– Chicago, IL.

Technical Data info:

Melt Flow, IZOD, Density, Tensile, etc.

– Unavailable


– Bale weights / Box weights / Load Weights – If baled approximately 40,000lbs


– Volume/Frequency

(How Much How Often)

-Two loads, and ongoing
– Pick up Price point


– Baled $.15 per lb., regrind $.25 per lb


– Post Industrial or Post Consumer  – Consumer, Used once
– Current form (Parts, Regrind, Repro, Purge, Rolls, etc.) – Loose. Getting ready to bale or grind.


– Percentages of products by type, name, if mixed – One load light green banding

– One and half to two loads of dark green banding

– What type of contaminants are in the material  – Naturals, Light green materials come with a small plastic sticker around it. Approximately 1 and quarter in by 1 and quarter inch.

– Dark green material comes clean.

– Moisture content

– Stored Inside / Outside

– Outside prior to bailing or grinding

– Inside after

– How is the product packed and shipped – In gaylord boxes


– When will the load(s) be ready for pick up/Delivery – Month
– Photos

– Samples

– Available

– Available


2 shades available, light/dark green

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