PP – PE – Nylon – ABS – SAN – PC


Data Sheets/Information

Most of the info available is on the attached images. Ask for
further information.

Post Industrial or Post Consumer Material?


What is the original part, Current form?

Client accumulates these types of items regularly as they
are a compounder. These are their Off runs, Left overs,
Floor Sweeps, etc. Material is from the Automotive,
Medical, and Consumer goods industries.

Material Common Uses

Varying reasons. Coming from Compounder.

Load Weights

Apx. 40,000 on 40 HQ or 53’ Trailer Depending on which
items are put together to make a load.

Percentages of Products by type

See images for details.


See images for detailed list.

Moisture and Storage

Stored inside.

Packaging and Shipping

Each material is separated by box or bale.
In Gaylord Boxes, on Pallets, Baled

Other Products/names:

In smaller portions or as Fillers / Contaminants (off
– PC/ABS – PS – PBT – TPO – Acrylic – PVC – PETG –
– Ultem – Tritan – TOPAS – Polyester – Delrin
– Xenoy – Polysulfone – Celcon – PET

Other Materials Available

1 load PBT purge, 2 loads PC/PBT purge, 1 load PE FR purge, 1 load ¾ PC/ABS GF and ¼
Nylon 6 and 66 purge, 9,000 lbs Coconut powder, 3 semi loads Super sacks for scrap 25,000
+ each, 1 plastic dunnage load. 10,000 Clear PVC Regrind

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