Rubber Tire Crumb

Product Type

– Tire Rubber w/metal wire still in it.
– Two screen sizes

Pickup Address

– Indiana

Nearest Rail/Port

– Chicago

Technical Information

– Material is Natural and SBR, mostly SBR


– Apx. 450,000 lbs. each month of overs and unders. This will vary month to month depending on our supplier’s inbound volume. Looking back over the last twelve months of data they have seen a low of 362,817 lbs. (total rubber) all the way to a high of 533,635 lbs. (total rubber).

Post Industrial or Post Consumer Material?

– Industrial and Consumer both

What is the original part, Current form?

– From Passenger Tires and Truck Tires (Semi Tires)
– Current Form: Using 2 different screen sizes, “Overs” are larger than ¾”.
“Unders” are ¾” or smaller.

Product Data PDF File


FOB Price Point / Terms

– $0.03 to $0.08 pending type and variables.
– Prefer upon pick up but will consider terms.

Other Product Info

– The highlights of how this material comes to be available are:
At the start there were whole tires. The wire is ripped from the tires. That metal material with rubber ends up at my supplier’s facility. They process it for the wire and suit it to their buyer’s needs. During the suppliers’ process they use upper and lower screens. The remnants, leftovers, overflows, clogs are what we get as their scrap. Still valuable to the right company who has the right equipment to process it out further.

Bale/Box Weights

– Weights will vary from Supersack to

Load Weights

– can make 40,000+ in a standard trailer
and 35,000 to 40,000+ in a 40HC

Percentages of Products by type

– As shown in the photos and samples there are four regular mixes that come into the supplier. These would be consistent with the ongoing supplies available.
– Some Loads that come in are single type but when running back-to-back between loads there would be some boxes/sacks that would have cross over.
– Some of the suppliers’ incoming material is mixed already as habit from their suppliers so remains mixed throughout the process.
– And some of the loads that are received are so fine they get ran with other materials so you’ll see more of the fines/powder in those.
– The mix of Overs and Unders is roughly, 55% Overs and 45% Unders.


– Although some of the material comes into our supplier as stated above; they in turn mix some of it together to process.
– So, although some may be separated, you as a buyer must consider that enough of the material may have fiber that it’s safe to presume, ‘Best to be able to process it all’ due to fiber contamination.

– Car tire scrap will have either Nylon, Rayon, or Polyester fiber in it. The fibers would likely be co-mingled in many of the loads, maybe all.
– Truck tire scrap will have very very little fiber in it.
– A minute amount (a piece or two here or there) of fiber may get into the Truck tire scrap due to… Other than that it has been described to me as “with no fiber”.
– But again, this typically gets mixed with the passenger tires.
– The supplier is inclined to separating the Overs and Unders, but beyond that, it would be difficult for them to separate any further.

Moisture and Storage

– Dry
– Will be stored outside in Supersacks with Plastic bag/liners over the tops of the Supersacks and taped down to insure dryness of product.

Packaging and Shipping

– In Supersacks

Load Readiness Status

– 1st load could be ready within 4 to 8 weeks

Job Due By



Product Options

Our options with the supplier are, to sell the scrap for them as is or;
– If it is possible to sell to a rubber reclaimer who has the ability to get the metal out;
Our supplier has agreed to buy back the metal from us if we can make it happen.
– If you are able and interested in the scrap rubber and metal both for yourselves, please
take it off our hands and let’s all make a little profit.
– If you can’t use the metal or the rubber, but can use one of them, and can reclaim them
both, please, sell the one you can’t use back to us.
Our suppliers are cooperative and will help facilitate this program for maximum profits.
– Meaning, please explain to us which of the materials offered that you would like.
If you have any additional guidance or separations that we may be able to consider perfortming at location in order to facilitate the program, please feel free to advise us.
Our supplier has let us know that if we can find a good solution for this material, they may be able to source more of it.

We (ASR) are considering taking this job (size reduction and Metal/Rubber recovery) on in South Bend, IN. So if you have an interest in either the rubber or metal after processing, please let us know an estimated price.

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