SAS-FR-MB-123 – Masterbatch Flame Retardant

– Ignition temperature: Not applicable
– Melting range is: 120 -130 degrees Celsius
– Other data info on Data/MSDS sheets attached.
– MSDS – View / Download
– Data – View / Download


– 250,000 Lbs. One time

Post Industrial or Post Consumer Material?

– Master Batch

What is the original part, Current form?

– From virgin material.
– Granules/Pellets

Bale/Box Weights

– Box weight 2,200 Lbs.

Load Weights

– Load weight 40,000 Lbs. in either a 40HC or 53’

Percentages of Products by type

– 100%


– None

Moisture and Storage

– Dry
– Inside

Packaging and Shipping

– In sealed plastic gaylord liner. Inside of gaylord boxes with lid. Banded to a pallet.

Load Readiness Status

Ready now.

Other Product Info

Samples available upon request. Small Lots available in Argos, IN

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