Scrap Wood

– Product(s) Available/Wanted



– * Scrap Wood

  – For mulch, Waste to energy, etc.

  – Particle sheets/Plywood

  – Some regular wooden pallets and other board cutoffs,



– Location of material: – South Bend, In.
– Bale weights / Box weights / Load Weights

– Load weights for 40 HC and/or 53’ Trailer

– approx.  20,000+ Lbs. (We have not loaded a 53’ trailer with this material before.) We may be able to double stack some or all the stacks which would put us closer to 35,000.


– Volume/Frequency

(How Much How Often)

– 2 to 3 loads now.

– May be an ongoing program.

– Pick up, Price point, Freight. – Can discuss
– Current form (Parts, Regrind, Repro, Purge, Rolls, etc.)  


– Flat sheets, Stacked and banded on wood Pallets.



– What type of contaminants are in the material   

– Stored outside. We will make sure there is very little, to no plastic or cardboard contaminants. The material has nails, staples, and most of it is particle sheets.  

– How is the product packed and shipped – Stacked onto wooden pallets and banded w/metal strapping.


– When will the load(s) be ready for pick up/Delivery – Loads are ready now.
– Photos

– Samples

– See attached. More available upon request.

– You are welcome to come by and look or we can send a sample upon request.

Notes: If you have a mobile Wood shredder, we may be able to obtain a few semis load of material

            after shredding that is very good clean material, wood pallets with 2×4’s – 2×10, 1×6’s, and

            more. Perfect for good quality mulch. If you were able to handle this side of the job, the

           same scrap material that I now am offering “*Scrap Wood.”

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