Spunbond – PP Nonwoven Banana Coverings


Data Sheets/Information

40 Melt


4-6 loads per month of processed
8-12 loads per month of unprocessed

Post Industrial or Post Consumer Material?

Post Consumer

What is the original part, Current form?

Banana wraps/coverings
White in color but will turn into a light to Medium
Grey after processed.

Load Weights

Apx 40,000 Lbs

Percentages of Products by type

Whole loads are separated.


The processed material has been extensively cleaned.
(The material is shredded and goes through a dry
friction wash process. No water or detergent.)
– May have some residue stains (Black spots) but is
otherwise 100% clean.

– The unprocessed material is still very clean considering
that it has been hand cleaned (Shaken and hand picked
clean) prior to being baled, but it is still considered
dirty. There are black spots on the material. This is the
fructose (sugar) residue from the bananas.

Moisture and Storage

– Dry
– Inside

Packaging and Shipping


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