Toner Dust & Toner Cartridges

– Product(s) / Available:



– Toner Dust

– Toner Bottles with dust remnants in them.


 – Do you require the material to be picked up from you  – Yes
– What are the specs of the material you have available.

  (Melt Flow, IZOD, Density, Tensile, etc.)

– See data sheets supplied


– How much weight can you load onto  or accept on a 40 HC or 53’ Trailer. – Toner loads, capped at 44,000 lbs. per truck.

– Combined toner/bottles loads is around 35,000-40,000.

– How many Lbs. of material (of each type) do

  you use or have available


-1.4 million lbs toner dust.

-400,000 lbs of bottles.

– One-time

 – Picked up Price point.  

-$0 fob


 – Post Industrial or Post consumer


– Post consumer




– Is the material available 100% pure.

  – If not, please explain.

-Yes. The ink toner is 100% pure, the program comes with the following of each product:


-Toner cartridges: PP cartridges packaged in cardboard (w/ some tape), on pallets

-Toner dust: Packaged in shrink wrapped PP super sacks.


– If you have material available, does it

  have any moisture in it or is it 100% dry.

– Dry



– If available, how is the product packed

  and shipped?

– Packed on pallets on supersacks.


– If available, when will the load(s) be ready

  for pick up?

– Now


– Please provide Photos and Samples of the

  material available.

 – Received



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