Used Kit Bins XT

Product Type

– Used Kit Bins XT (large totes)
– Similar to a Bulk bins

Pickup Address

– Muskegon, MI

Nearest Rail/Port

– Detroit

Data Sheets/Information

– Not Available


– 1,700 total units available

Post Industrial or Post Consumer Material?

– Post Consumer

What is the original part, Current form?

– Totes/Bins
– Reusable Totes/Bins (Like new condition)

Product Data PDF File

FOB Price Point / Terms

– $120.00 each
– Payment at or before pickup.

Bale/Box Weights

– 123 Lbs. each

Load Weights

– 220 units per 53’ trailer
– 149 on a 40’HQ

Percentages of Products by type



Moisture and Storage

– Inside

Packaging and Shipping

– Stacked

Load Readiness Status

– Ready Now

Other Product Info

– Samples Available (must purchase)

Job Due By

– 07/01/2022



We are looking to buy used/usable/refurbished Bulk bins with collapsible doors. Sizes needed are 48x45x50 and 48x45x42.
We are also looking to buy 55-gallon drums.
If you have bulk bins or Drums, we can buy them, or we would be willing to trade if you’d like.

– Product Dimensions
– Outside – 39.37”x47.24”x50.4”
– Inside – 36”x44”x44.5”
– Internal volume – 326 gallons
– Single unit is meant to hold 1,320 Lbs. Meant to be stacked as many as 5 high. Stacked load capacity is 6,600
– These are similar to Bulk bins, with four doors that fold down.
– Each unit has 2 sets of 4 walls and one pallet.
– Each wall is 28”s tall. (doubled height is 56”).
– You can use this unit at half height or double height.
– The walls snap to each other and down to the pallet.
– The entire bin can be disassembled into single pieces.

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