Warehouse Cleanouts

Machinery Cleanouts
ASR assists with factory machinery sales and cleanouts. Closing up shop is never easy, especially when you have limited time to get all items cleared from the premises. This often leads to machinery being sold at auctions for significant losses. We have witnessed this many times as we come in for material cleanouts. ASR implores you to please call us before you call the auction houses! We may be able to sell the equipment as well as the materials, on your behalf. We work with clients all over the continent and internationally and may have someone that buys industrial machines that you need to sell.

Material Cleanouts
We perform material cleanouts for all types of factories and businesses too. We are interested in helping you get a fair price for plastic material cleanouts, rubber material cleanouts, gaylord boxes cleanouts, pallet cleanouts and e-recycling material cleanouts. We at ASR can likely find a buyer for the materials on your behalf. We have helped with many factory cleanouts, industrial cleanouts and business cleanouts.

factory machinery cleanouts
material cleanouts

We Sell Materials and Machinery on Your Behalf

We can discuss available machinery and materials to determine the price point you need to set for machinery sales and material sales during factory and warehouse closings. ASR then instantly connects your machinery and materials with our ever growing network of machine and material cleanout buyers. We aim to help everyone get the most fair prices possible so that you can recoup some of the investment you have made.

A short conversation with our staff will get you started in the right direction. Use our knowledge and connections to get a quick sale on industrial machinery and materials. It beats letting it go to the highest bidder at auction!


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